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Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide

Zerg Strategy

The Zerg are the hardest race to master in Starcraft 2, but consequently are also one of the most rewarding.  Watching masses of Zerglings, Banelings, Mutalisks and even some Ultralisks destroying your opponent is a great sight to watch!  On this page you will find some Zerg Strategies to help you defeat Terran, Protoss and other Zerg players.

Zerg Vs Terran

The Terran are an extremely difficult race to play against.  They have many units that have great defensive capabilities, and they can be tough race to crack as playing Zerg.  Check out these Zerg Strategies below:

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  • Pro Tip 1 – Watch out for early rushes, especially mass Marines and Marauders.  Make sure that you are building lots of Spine Crawlers to protect your base and important buildings, and build groups of Zerglings and Roaches to help deal with any early attacks that may happen.  If you can, build some Infestors and make sure they are upgraded.  You can burrow them underground, wait for the attack to happen and then use them to root the Marauders with Fungal Growth.  This is especially effective as it will stop the Terran player from being able to kite your units with his Marauders.
  • Pro Tip 2 – Hellions are a very dangerous unit to come up against, and some Terran players will like to rush you with them.  If that is the case, make sure your base is packed in, with Spine Crawlers built around it.  This will provide your base with plenty of protection as Hellions do very minimal damage to buildings.
  • Pro Tip 3 – Infestors and Ultralisks are a deadly combo.  If you are having trouble with Siege Tanks or Thors, make sure you get some Ultralisks and upgrade them to.  With 6 armor they can shrug off most attacks, however it’s the Infestors ability here that really comes into play.  If you can apply Frenzy to your Ultralisks, they can’t be slowed or stunned and so will be able to reach your opponents front lines and tear through his forces.  For even greater effect, unburrow your Infestors at this point and use them to mind control the opponents Thor’s as well.  You are certain to wipe out most of his attacking or defense force with this tactic.
  • Pro Tip 4 – Expand, Expand, Expand.  You really need those minerals and so you will need to expand early.  Make sure that every expansion is protected by Spine Crawlers and Spore Crawlers if necessary as you can’t afford to lose them, and also having packs of Zerglings running round the map scouting is also a good way to keep an eye on your enemy to see if he has noticed your expansions.  If you can build a great economy you can mass more of your top tier units and win the match.

Zerg Vs Protoss

The Protoss are a race that you need to use your strengths to defeat.  Remember that your Zerg forces are highly mobile and so use this to your advantage as it will allow you to dominate the map and expand more quickly:

  • Pro Tip 1 – You will encounter some sort of Zealot rush, and so you need to make sure that you defend against this.  Make sure you are building a spawning pool as soon as possible, and this should be pumping out Zerglings when a Protoss player attacks with Zealots.  You should be protecting your base with Spine Crawlers and have at least two Queens built as well.  Make good of the Transfusion ability they have to heal the other Queen and so you should be good to repel the initial Protoss rush.
  • Pro Tip 2 – Use the Zerglings speed to your advantage.  If a Protoss player is expanding, use your Zerglings to attack this expansion.  Most Protoss units such as Stalkers and Immortals are very slow and so if necessary you can completely bypass these units and just attack the Nexus at the expansion.  With a big enough force of Zerglings (20+) you should be able to take out the Nexus and completely stop any harvesting at the expansion base.  If you leave the Protoss player to expand then they will be very dangerous.  Success for the Zerg hinges on being able to control expansions, and have a better economy than your opponent.
  • Pro Tip 3 – If you can stop the initial Zealot rush you should be able to build up a sizeable force quicker than the Protoss player.  If they are massing ground units, make sure you are building Roaches and Hydralisks, and if they are going air, building a lot of Corruptors.  If you have boosted your expansion you should be able to build this force before a Protoss force can be assembled, and if lucky you can end the game at this point.
  • Pro Tip 4 – If the game is dragging on then make sure you are building the deadly combo of Infestors and Ultralisks.  Ultralisks will take out mass zealots and will allow your Infestors to take control of the Protoss players most dangerous units – the Immortal and Colossus.  Taking over just a few of these can really give you an edge in any encounter as you will be able to wipe out his ground forces with just a couple of Colossus under your control.

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Zerg Vs Zerg

A Zerg mirror match comes down to one thing – resources.  Whoever controls the map and has the most resources will win the match, its as simple as that.  I’ll give you some tips on how to defeat another Zerg player with some Zerg strategies:

  • Pro Tip 1 – Expand quickly, and as much as you can.  When you have a good buildup of resources, expand to another resource patch and start harvesting the minerals there.  If you have spare resources, put them to good use by building defensive structures such as the Spine Crawler and also the Spore Crawler.  Even if you are not going to resource the minerals at an expansion, stopping your opponent from gaining that expansion is another way to limit his resource gathering.
  • Pro Tip 2 – Continuing on from tip 1, you need to stop your opponent from expanding as well.  The best unit for this is the Zerglings with the speed upgrade.  If you send a pack of 20+ Zerglings into a base to specifically destroy drones, your opponent won’t be able to stop them.  It doesn’t matter if you lose the Zerglings in the process, as long as you inflict enough damage on your opponents economy you will be well on the way to winning the match.  Mutalisks are also a good unit to use to harass expansions but be careful if the other Zerg player has built Spore Crawlers as these will rip apart Mutalisks.
  • Pro Tip 3 – If your opponent is massing Zerglings then make sure you are building a big force of Roaches.  They are a fantastic unit that deal a high amount of damage and have a good health pool as well.  They are great at defending expansions with Spine Crawlers as they take out Zerglings quickly, and on the offense they will tear apart Hydralisks once they are upgraded.  If you are against a Zerg player then make sure Roaches are a part of your army.
  • Pro Tip 4 – If you fall behind on resources then you can say goodbye to winning a Zerg vs Zerg matchup.  Constantly harass your enemies expansions and defend your own, and you will find you have the win in the bag!

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