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Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide
Starcraft 2 Pro Guide

Terran Strategy

The Terran are one of the easiest races to play and so are considered a starting point for many players first starting out in Starcraft 2.  They have fantastic units, and the marines are a very effective unit even in late game situations.  On this page, I am going to detail some Terran Strategy tips, and how to use the Terran’s to their full potential against each of the races.

Terran Vs Protoss

The Terran have numerous ways to inflict losses on a Protoss player, and if you follow the advice below, you will be well on your way to defeating each and every Protoss player you meet:

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  • Pro Tip 1 – If you want to rush a Protoss player then Reapers are the way to go.  Build 1 Barracks, an extra SCV, a refinery, a tech lab, and upgrade to the orbital command.  The key here is to stay a 7 SCV’s so no new supply depots need to built, saving you 100 Minerals in costs.  You want to research Nitro Pack technology as well when you are building your first reaper.  The goal here is to send your reaper around the back of the Protoss base, and let him destroy the probe’s mining the minerals and gas.  If the Protoss player sends some Probes or Zealots after you, just use the speed of the Reaper to kite them i.e. Hitting them constantly while running away.  If you can destroy most of the opponents probes then the game is pretty much won at this point.
  • Pro Tip 2 – If you don’t think a rush is going to work then the Marines/Marauder strategy is another viable option against the Protoss.  The Marauders are especially effective against Protoss Stalkers and Zealots, able to slow them down with the concussive grenades.  The Marines can protect your Marauders from Void Rays and other air units and so this combination is deadly.  It should be used early game as the effectiveness of this combo decreases the longer the game goes on.  If the Protoss player can build a Colossus then you should not be sending in Marines and Marauders without mech support.
  • Pro Tip 3 – The Ghost + EMP is seriously overpowered vs any Protoss player.  This ability deals 100 damage to enemy shields, and will leave them with 0 energy.  Used against High Templar units, and you can literally take them out of the game as they are useless without any energy.  In the lower leagues Terran players will tend to not build Ghosts against Protoss players, however this is a mistake.  If used correctly, the Ghost can give you such a big advantage that you cannot lose.  Target their most dangerous units (especially Immortals + High Templars) with EMP, and then rip them to shreds while they have no shields and no energy.
  • Pro Tip 4 – If the Protoss player is building a Colossus or already has one, then build Vikings to counter them.  The Vikings are able to hit the Colossus as it counts as an air unit to them, and as it can only attack ground units, will not be able to hurt your Viking units.

Terran Vs Zerg

The Terran’s have numerous ways to deal with the Zerg swarm, and it mainly consists of using mech units.  See the pro tips below for some nice little tricks for Terran strategy against them.

  • Pro Tip 1 – Zerg players like to rush, and the Zerg are able to produce units very quickly early game.  You need to make sure that if a Zerg player is going to try and rush you, you are ready for them and can repel the attack.  Make sure that you are walling off your base very early, and you can do this by building a barracks and 1 supply depot at an entrance to your base.  This will block the Zerg from accessing your base, and both these structures have high hitpoints.  If the Zerg player is using zerglings to attack you, produce a few marines and let them pick off the zerglings from behind your walled off entrance.  Make sure you use your SCV’s to repair any buildings that take damage as well.
  • Pro Tip 2 – Mech Units are the best force to take on a Zerg army.  Most Zerg forces have a hard time taking down any type of armored unit, and so Siege Tanks, Hellions, and Thors should be produced in great quantities.  Siege Tanks will decimate the ground forces of a Zerg army, the Hellions will protect your Siege Tanks from Zerglings, and the Thors are unstoppable against Mutalisks once you have around 4 of them.
  • Pro Tip 3 – Zerg players will like to build Brood Lords as they are a very effective unit at taking out ground forces.  If you scout your enemy massing Brood Lords, make sure you build some Vikings to deal with them.  The Vikings will be able to attack them without fear of retaliation as the Brood Lords are only able to hit ground units.  If you are teching to Ghosts then you can use their snipe ability to take down the Brood Lords very quickly as well.
  • Pro Tip 4 – If timed right, a Hellion rush can win you a game.  Hellions are the best units to take out Zerglings and Banelings, and if you see your opponent is not producing air units then this is the way to go.  Send your Hellions into the Zerg base, focus on destroying any Zerglings and Banelings, and then start destroying any Drones.  Make sure you avoid any Queens however, as these units will cause damage to your Hellions.  If you can take out enough Drones and units, your opponent will be given a huge setback, allowing you time to mass more troops and finish off their base.

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Terran Vs Terran

Mirror match-ups are always interesting, and probably one of the hardest races to beat if you are playing Terran yourself.  As you know the Terran army is quite well rounded and so it will be difficult to beat another Terran player.  You need to make sure that you know your counters list (see here for more details - Terran Counters) as they will gain you an advantage over another Terran Player.

  • Pro Tip 1 – Base Defense is vital.  Make sure you are building bunkers and missile turrets in your base to stop any aerial assault or ground attack.  One Terran strategy is to build a squadron of Vikings, and then send them behind enemy lines to where your SCV’s are harvesting minerals.  They will then land and procede to destroy your economy before you have had a chance to react.  The key to stopping this is to make sure you have a mix of defensive units in your base, and lots of defensive structures that will provide you defense against any attack that can come.  A balanced force of missile turrets (3-4) Vikings (3-4) and Banshees (3-4) will be able to deal with any air offensive that may come.
  • Pro Tip 2 – Everyone has heard of a Terran player “Turtling” – a Terran player able to stop you from entering their base as they have such a good defense.   You need to make sure that if you are on the offensive that you bring a very balanced unit mix in with you.  Don’t just mass one set of units, make sure that you are bringing Vikings, Banshees, Thors, Siege Tanks, Marines, Marauders.  If a player is “Turtling”, you can usually rip through their defenses by assaulting both from the ground and air at the same time.  Make sure you set your siege tanks in siege mode just beyond where your opponents siege tanks can hit, and you should have no problem breaking through his lines.  Banshee’s are especially effective at taking out siege tanks behind enemy lines, as these usually provide the most problems for any ground based attack force.
  • Pro Tip 3 – Use the Orbital Commands scanner to help your siege tanks.  Siege Tanks have a range of 13, but can only see about 10 units in front of them on the map.  You can increase this by using the scanner to locate any units that may be in front but in the fog of war.  If you can set your siege tanks up just outside an enemy base and use the scanner ability on your enemies base, your siege tanks will be able to start attacking his defensive positions and will be able to destroy lots of his own siege tanks before he has time to react and use his own scanner ability.
  • Pro Tip 4 – Be Patient!  Don’t rush in unless you have balanced force, and make sure your expansions are well defended as well.  Games against Terran opponents can be a war of attrition so make sure you are in pole position when it comes to the final chapter of the match.

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